1 Person/12-Hour "Get Home Bag" for car, school, or office


A "Get Home Bag" [GHB] is traditionally a lightweight small kit that you can grab to get you home if a disaster strikes and you are away (at work, school, etc.)

Designed to be small, durable, and lightweight, this kit enables you to "get home" (or get to safe shelter) by walking up to 12 hours/36 miles away.

Store this in your vehicle, or at work/school.

Get home.

Kit Contents

FOOD:  1 Day @ 2400 kcals/day
WATER: 12 hours @ 1qt/12 hours
HEAT: Emergency Mylar Blanket – Designed to reflect 90% of your body heat
LIGHT: Green Light Stick – 12 hours of light
SHELTER: Emergency Poncho w/Hood
COMMS: 1 x Safety Whistle
PPE: 1 x Dust Mask
SANITATION: 1 x Tissue Pack
STORAGE: 1 x 2-Pocket "grab-n-go" red nylon ripstop bag w/handle