MakeSafe 48 Hour Basic Readiness Kit


This one person three day basic readiness kit makes one person immediately prepared to evacuate or shelter in place when full grid failure occurs. It constitutes all the commercial grade tools and consumables needed to make you safer right away.

Our parent company is one of the leading providers of readiness materials and kits for major corporations worldwide, the contents of this kit are the same goods that we use to provide for them, vetted for consistency, reliability, and ease of use.

Kit Contents:
2     2400-Calorie Emergency Food Bars **
2     Liters of Emergency Drinking Water **
1    10-Pack Water Purification Tablets **
1     Emergency Mylar Blanket **
6    24-Hour Body Warmer Pads *
1     Emergency Poncho with Hood
3     Green Lightsticks **
1     Safety Whistle – Blow loud for immediate rescue attention
1     LED Squeeze Flashlight
1     Trail Map Compass
1     Multi-Function Tool
1     Signal Mirror
1     First Aid Kit – Comprehensive 36-piece first aid kit packaged in a hard plastic case *
1     Hygiene Kit – includes everything you need to maintain sanitary conditions

              2   Hygiene Waste Bags
              1   Pocket Tissue Pack
              1   Hair Comb
              1   Wash Cloth
              3   Female Sanitary Napkins

              3   Tampax Tampons
              1   Toothbrush
              1   Hand Sanitizer 4oz *
              6   Cleansing Towelettes *

** Items have a 5 year shelf life
* Items have a 2 year shelf life