About Us

Hi, we’re the employees of MakeSafe and Nexis Response! We developed this site to offer the same products we use every day to protect the employees of brands you know in universities, major social media platforms, chip manufacturers, computer/phone/tech design companies, biotech, hospitals, schools, banks, elder care, and government utilities.

We do this for a living every day - we engineer solutions, install, and maintain supplies in shipping containers nationwide; so we know what works and doesn’t for long term, efficient protection.

In our largest installations, that cover 1,000 or more employees/students, we build the equivalent of "pop-up" refugee camps; complete with shelter, food, triage, sanitation and all the materials needed to make thousands of people safe quickly.

These companies asked us to bring our professionally reviewed/hand-picked products to their employees, and we realized it made sense to bring this same expertise to consumers like you and your family through the MakeSafe brand.

What you’ve got here is access to our choices, so what you’re buying is what is installed in all these places  

Our mission statement is "Make everybody safer."

Sharing knowledge and expertise is what we are trying to do here. We hope you appreciate what we offer here! Please reach out with any questions, you’ve got a friend in the business now!