COVERS FIVE BARRELS - 5yr H20 Water Treatment


Get the peace of mind that comes with professional preservatives

ResQ Water Storage Treatment is a powerful liquid preservative that allows ordinary tap water to be stored for up to five years. We use this exact preservative in corporate and university installations covering hundreds and thousands of people.

H2O ResQ - the leading purification drops in the market

Other preservatives, based on simple bleach, only cover water for 6-12months, requiring constant rotation.

One bottle of this powerful preserver treats 330 gallons of water (6 drums) and lasts 5 years

INSTRUCTIONS: 4 drops per gallon, 10mL per 55-gallon drum (1/3oz)


  • bacteria
  • viruses
  • mold
  • funguses

    Copper Sulfate Pentahydrate 2.5%
    Silver Nitrate, Complexants & Stabilizers <1%
    Inert Ingredients 96.5%