1 Day Food Pack


This is a stack of dense, high caloric food bars. They present like shortbread and are slightly sweet. They are not gluten free. It's a dense and durable "brick" of food made up of 6 individual pieces that will keep you nourished for 24 hours.

Wrapped tightly in a thick foil wrapper, these food bars are US Coast Guard grade "lifeboat food" - yes, that means they're pretty plain.

They basically taste like butter cookies, but the stack has 2600 calories of energy in them and can be thrown into any backpack, purse, or stroller on the run.

Each pack equals one Survival Unit (SU), which means one person/one day. So three of these can support 1 person for 3 days or 3 people for 1 day.

They can be safely stored in a glove compartment, boat, or other location for up to 5 years, regardless of heat.

If you are stockpiling them for long term survival (more than a week), you'll want to have other ingredients (sugar, cinnamon, honey, dried berries, canned tuna) - eating these alone for weeks will get old, but if you break them up into a bowl and add other things, they work as a staple to extend your other more flavorful foods.

Buy them and put them on a shelf and forget them. Durable safety.