1.5 Day - Drinking Water Pouches 4.25oz 24-Pack


    The average adult needs two liters or quarts of water per day (64 ounces). We like these small pouches because they are incredibly durable, and the 4.25oz size means that if one gets spilled your entire supply is not lost.

    The extra .25 ounces allows for "practical uses" like washing and cooking.

    They look and feel like juice pouches (without the little straw).

    Pro Tip: Water doesn't expire - manufacturers put age limits on everything, but these can last indefinitely as long as the foil packaging isn't damaged.

    • Fast & Easy to dispense and handout in an emergency.
    • No water treatment or filters needed.
    • Purified drinking water.
    • Flexible and extremely compact
    • No cups to buy or store. Drink straight from the pouch.
    • U.S. Coast Guard Approved USCG No 160.026/65/0
    • Each pouch is individually date stamped. (see Pro Tip above)
    • Can be frozen without harm to sealed pouch.
    • Can be frozen and used as a "cold pack".
    • Sold 24 pouches in a heavy duty ziploc bag.