48 Hour Quick Evac Backpack


Quick Evacuation Backpack

(1 person, 48 hours)

You need an evac kit for one reason - quick and unplanned evacuation

Example Scenario

A wildfire, chemical spill, or other large event brings law enforcement to your door telling you that you need to leave within 10 minutes. You just got out of the shower.



If you and your family are forced to evacuate quickly with no notice, you will soon find yourself struggling to find resources while everyone around you does as well.

This bag has durable food, backup water, and resources to keep your warm and functional for two days.

Stored in your car, front door closet, or garage will make all the difference between evacuating with what you grab in desperation vs evacuating with everything you will need.



This kit has food for two days (4800kcals), pure water for your first day, and all the tools you need to forage water for up to 10 days. It goes on your back and allows you to walk out of your danger zone.

We suggest that you put an old set of clothes into the kit, and anything else (meds, spare glasses, etc.) that you might need.

Make yourself safe now.

Kit Contents:
FOOD: 2 Days @ 2400 kcals/day - 2400cal Emergency Food Bars
WATER: 24 hrs @ 2 Liters of Emergency Drinking Water
10-Pack of Water Purification Tablets for extended hydration
HEAT: Emergency Mylar Blanket – Designed to reflect 90% of your body heat
5 x 24-Hour Body Warmer Pads
LIGHT: 1 x LED Hand-Squeeze Flashlight
2 x Green Light Stick – 12 hours each per night
SHELTER: Emergency Poncho w/Hood
COMMS: 1 x Safety Whistle
1 x Signal Mirror
TOOLS: 1 x Multi-Function Tool
1 x Trail Compass and Map Reader
1 x 10-Person OSHA First Aid Kit (75-Piece)
STORAGE: 1 x Standard Single-Person Backpack with additional room for emergency clothing and personal materials


Additional Male/Female Personal Hygiene Sub-kit:

6 x Cleansing Towelettes
3 x Pocket Tissue Pack
1 x 4oz Hand Sanitizer
1 x Wash Cloth
1 x Toothbrush
1 x Hair Comb
3 x Tampax Tampons
3 x Sanitary Napkins
2 x Waste Bags