8-feet of Emergency Black Paracord in a Bracelet with clip


The basic idea of these bracelets is simple. Paracord is a specially made woven cord that is used in parachutes. So it has been engineered to be lightweight and incredibly strong. But since it's made out of cloth, you can still cut it with a knife. So it's a great type of cord to have around. These bracelets are a pre-woven bracelet with a clip. They look and feel just like a "friendship" bracelet, so they're comfortable and lightweight. But! Open it up and you have EIGHT FEET of usable cord, that's enough to hang up a tarp and make a shelter, it's definitely enough for many utility needs. A great thing for your EDC and your get home kit.
  • 7 Internal Strands
  • Knotted Dimensions: 9" x 3/4" x 3/8"
  • Usable Cord Size: 8.2 ft. x 4 mm. Diameter
  • Color: Black
  • Pull Strength: 430 lbs.
  • Medium Wrist Fitting
  • Fast Clip Buckle
  • 1931N SGS Tested