24-Hour Staff Emergency Kit


Our 1-Person x 24-Hour Staff Emergency Kit includes the essentials an adult needs for 24 hours of survival in an emergency. Delivered in a small box, this kit can be stacked and stored easily in any dry, cool location.

Kit Contents include:
  • 1 x 2400-Calorie Emergency Food Bar
    • Provides 1 Day of food, 5-Year Shelf Life
  • 16 x Portable water pouches, 4.225oz
    • Provides 1 Day of water, 5-Year Shelf Life
  • 1 x Emergency Mylar Blanket – Designed to reflect 90% of your body heat
  • 1 x Emergency Poncho with Hood – Protect yourself from the rain
  • 1 x Green Lightstick – 12 hours of light in an instant
  • 1 x Protective Nuisance Dust Mask – Prevents dust and germ inhalation
  • 1 x Safety Whistle – Blow loud for immediate rescue attention