1 Person/12-Hour "Get Home Bag" - for car, school, or office


A "Get Home Bag" [GHB] is traditionally a lightweight small kit that you can grab on your way out from an event and walk to safety.

Walking home from work or school can feel like a long journey, but the average adult can walk 3 miles per hour, and the average child can walk 2 miles per hour.

This lightweight kit enables a person to "get home" (or get to safe shelter) by walking up to 12 hours/36 miles away.

Store this at work, school, or at home (to get to a community shelter), or in your vehicle (in the event that your car can't traverse the roads, you can pull over and walk).

Kit Contents:

FOOD:  1 Day @ 2400 kcals/day
WATER: 12 hours @ 1qt/12 hours
HEAT: Emergency Mylar Blanket – Designed to reflect 90% of your body heat
LIGHT: Green Light Stick – 12 hours of light
SHELTER: Emergency Poncho w/Hood
COMMS: 1 x Safety Whistle
PPE: 1 x Dust Mask
SANITATION: 1 x Tissue Pack
STORAGE: 1 x 2-Pocket "grab-n-go" red nylon ripstop bag w/handle