12-hour Life Green Lightsticks - Pack of 12 - 1 Week for 1 Person


Your first day does not have to be in the dark.

Put this on your dog, your kid, and around your neck so others can see you.

When the grid fails, it's pitch black darkness. Scrambling around after an earthquake or other event can have you struggling to keep track of vulnerable loved ones as well as key locations, light sticks change the game.

You CAN read in the dark with a lightstick, but think about them primarily like safe "flares."

  • Keep visual track of pets and small children
  • Mark stairs for safety
  • Store one near your key utility panels and controls (generators, electrical panels, water shutoff, etc.)
  • A child holding a lightstick feels safer than a child in the dark

Manufactured in the USA and non-toxic

To activate, remove the stick from the foil, bend, snap and shake - lasts 12 hours