24-Hour Body Warmer Pad


LARGE! Environmentally Friendly and non-toxic, Body Warmer Packs can be put in your coat to keep you warm. If your car breaks down, or you might have to evacuate on a winter day, these 24-hour packs will help keep you heated while you wait for help or walk to distant shelter and avoid hypothermia. 

  • PROTECT YOUR WHOLE BODY IN WINTER: will keep you warm for 24 hours, it is body sized to be effective
  • EFFECTIVE 24-HOUR HEAT: generates 135-166 degrees of usable body warmth, put one in between your jacket and shirt
  • LARGE/LIGHTWEIGHT: 5" x 3-3/4", body sized packs - not a "glove warmer" these will keep your whole torso warm all day, but only 3 ounces, so you can move
  • EASY TO STORE: made of stable materials, will last for 2 years in any standard dry location
  • KEEP IN YOUR CAR, BOOKBAG, OR BACKPACK: if you or a loved one live in a harsh winter region, "finding" this when you need it could save your life

How to Use
The pack comes sealed in a wrapper that you remove. When the contents are exposed to air, the pack warms up to 135 degrees. Put this into your coat, or under your shirt, and the heat will keep you from freezing.

Why do I need this?
People sometimes evacuate with no notice. You could find yourself in your car (or it may break down), or even on foot on a winter day/night with very little cover or even no jacket. You will need some way to keep your own body warm while you continue through the cold to get to shelter. The item you want should be long lasting (24 hours) and lightweight (3oz). If you live in an area that gets cold, you want heat packs to stay mobile and warm.