You don't have to be afraid

Malcolm MeadNov 18, '22

snowplow on a highway

Bad things happen.

Fear isn't Necessary (in fact, it can be a problem)

If you are like me, when you search for emergency supplies, disaster preparedness, or any other related terms, you end up at pages filled with ... well ... disaster.

They talk about "full collapse of society", foodbars, and the ever-present offer of yet another "emergency backpack" (to be fair, even we offer some emergency backpacks - it's one of those things, like offering napkins at a restaurant, if you don't have them, people notice).

Fear isn't the best motivator for mastery - it may get you started, but a rational process of readiness has always proven more effective. In all our experiences dealing with wildfires, earthquakes, hurricanes hitting places like Puerto Rico, as well as unexpected events like the grid failures in Texas, we have always arrived with a rational approach first. So first things first, seek rationality and calm.

Who is MakeSafe (who am I, for that matter?)

My name is Malcolm Mead, I am the CEO of Nexis Response, the company that owns and operates this MakeSafe website and community outreach.

We build large solutions for corporations, hospitals, universities, and government agencies (think pop-up refugee camps in shipping containers), and respond if disaster hits these communities stranding thousands.

For us, this is a labor of love and an extension of our careers (and calling). Welcome.

Information is your first safety supply

Like you, most people come to these sites with a desire to learn what to do more than wanting a justification to dig a hole and fill it with food. Intelligent people just like to be ready.

Since you are at this page, it is possible that you are worried for your loved ones, your home, or yourself. We're here to help you begin feeling differently about danger and disaster. 

In a world where bad things happen, you can find yourself so wound up in fear that you can't think straight about anything, let alone the best way to be prepared for emergencies in the future. Our primary goal is to teach you what you need to know.

Knowledge is Power

The first thing you should do is equip yourself with the knowledge, theory, and understanding to assess danger with a cold dry eye; then you will realize that large scale bad things can be navigated, and that you can survive much more than you think.

This site is an ongoing process, built with teaching in mind, we have a large library of commercial documents and instructions that we are converting and uploading daily. If you have a specific request, let us know, we want to help.

Our creed is "Make everybody safer." It is my fervent hope that you will find this site a help and it will do just that for you and everybody you care about.

Wishing you safety,