MakeSafe Wild Fire Kit


This one person wild fire kit is designed to help keep you safe for three days should a fire occur. If you need to evacuate quickly, you don’t have time to gather belongings.

Put a spare set of clothes in this pack and leave it near the door or in your car. You will have everything you need for up to three days of strenuous evacuation to safety.

Get one per person, be made completely safe.

Kit Contents

3 x 2400 calorie (1 per day) food bars *
2 x 33.8oz emergency drinking water cartons *
1 x 10pack water purification tablets *
1 x 2 gallon water storage bag
6 x 24 hour body warmers **
1 x mylar blanket
1 x poncho
1 x first aid kit **
1 x whistle with lanyard
1 x signal mirror
1 x compass
1 x multi-tool
1 x flashlight with AM/FM radio and USB cell charger
3 x light sticks *
1 x an 95 particulate filtering face cover *
1 x waste bag
1 x roll of toilet paper
1 x hygiene kit
      1 x toothbrush
      1 x pocket tissue pack
      1 x comb
      1 x washcloth
      3 x sanitary napkins
      3 x tampons
      1 x hand sanitizer **

* Items have a 5 year shelf life
** Items have a 2 year shelf life