Reliance Folding Portable Toilet


  • GREAT FOR CAMPING: uses sanitary chem-gel bags, easy to manage, comfortable
  • LIGHTWEIGHT/PORTABLE: only 5lbs for easy transport. Folds down to 5 inches, has a handle.
  • COMFORTABLE: feels normal, no risk of wilderness rash.
  • SANITARY: full plastic, easy to clean, uses chemical bags to manage odor. A home bathroom away from home.
  • EASY TO USE: Kids, older people, new campers - life is just easier.

This is a high-end toilet, good for camping, hiking, boating, and RV. Great for family. Works with any standard toilet bags. Solid structure ensures easy sitting, and folding legs makes for easy packing in and out. Portable, sturdy, . The Reliance Folding Toilet folds down to just 5 inches and weighs only 5lbs. It has an integrated handle, making it easy to carry. It also boasts an innovative leg locking system, making it one of the sturdiest portable toilets around. The Fold-To-Go has an impressive weight capacity and is great for camping, hunting, and emergency preparedness. This unit is ideally suited to be used with the Double Doodie bag bagging system. Length: 9.25" Width: 15.00" Height: 13.00" Weight: 5.00lbs.